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Listening to the stream is only way to hear the show live (Friday night 7-9 PM Arizona Time)--
and the best way to catch a replay (any other time, 24/7)--  And it's easy!

Have an Android?

Download it in the Google Play store.  Click here!
(We've heard this app works for Kindles too, but that was not our intent. However if that's how you listen, give it a try.)

Have an iPhone?

Download it in the iTunes App store.  Click here!

No matter what you're using, this should work.  Copy this URL:

And paste it into the player of your choice.   That's it. 

(I've made it clickable, but should you go that route you might be stuck with whatever player is the default for your browser, or it's possible it won't work at all.  But it might be easier for iPhone users to click it until the app is available.)

Need specifics? 

Listening on your computer - MAC:

iTunes:   On the menu bar across the top, select "File" and choose "Open Stream", a window will open and you'll paste the URL there.  (On some operating systems it'll be under  "Advanced" on the menu bar. You'll choose "Open Stream" there.)

RealPlayer: On the menu bar across the top, select "File" and choose "Open Location...", a window will open and you'll paste the URL there.

QuickTime: On the menu bar across the top, select "File" and choose "Open URL", a window will open and you'll paste the URL there. 

VLC:  On the menu bar across the top of the screen, select "File" and choose "Advanced Open File", on the window that pops up, select "Network", paste the URL in the obvious spot, and then hit "Open" and there I'll be.

Listening on your computer - WINDOWS:

Disclosure:  we only use Macs in house. But since most of you don't, I casted my shuddering and moaning aside and acquired a Windows laptop. It's running Windows7.   Here's what I can tell you:

VLC for Windows:   Go to "Media" on the menu bar across the top of the program, select "Open Advanced".  A window will pop up.  Select "Network" and paste the URL as indicated .  Then hit "Play" and it will. 

Winamp:  On the menu bar across the top of the program, select "File" and choose "Play URL", a small window will open where you'll paste the URL and then it "open".  The stream will start. 

iTunes:  Again, much easier on Mac.  If you see a menu bar that says File, Edit, View, Controls, Store, Help;  toward the top left of the program great.  If you don't, there's a very small icon and triangle in the top left corner. Click on that and select "Show Menu Bar".  Now that you see the menu bar, click on "File".  Then click on "Open Stream".  A small window will pop up and you'll paste the URL there.  Then hit OK, and the stream will start.

Real Player:  Not as easy as the Mac version, but easy enough.  In the upper left corner of the program, pull down the "RealPlayer" menu.  Choose "File", then choose "Open". Paste the URL there.  It'll first think it's a website, but will then pull up the player and the stream will start. You don't have to do anything but wonder why they didn't have an option for you to enter the URL as a stream directly.

Windows Media Player: This one may be iffy.  It's going to depend on the version of WMP, and the OS you're using. It's the only player that has mixed reviews from listeners.   I would never have figure this out without following Phil's steps exactly.  When I did, it worked flawlessly and quickly.  
      Here's what Phil said:  Right click on the top section of the opened media player.  A menu will pop up.  Click "File", then  "Open URL", paste the URL in the popup window, hit OK and the stream will start.  (I vouch for it.)
     Thomas suggested: first download and install combined community codec pack , a free down load found at then in Windows media player go to "File", then "Open URL", then paste the URL into the field and click OK. 

Wifi Radio:

Most are powered by and we're easy to find.  Go to the "Talk" genre, scroll through the alphabet for "R" as in Rollye James Show, find us, and add us to your favorites.  (You can also add us to your favorites at if you're registered.)


TuneIn--  Search for Rollye James, and you'll find the live stream.

If you can't see this page because you are blind or visually impaired, click here.
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