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ARCHIVED INTERVIEWS  (click on them):

If you're wanting to listen to the scheduled replays from September 22 through August 6th, the Monday through Thursday shows are compiled from these individual interviews:

Melody Cedarstrom (Discount Gold) 7/17/13

Lew Irwin ("Deadly Times") 7/25/13

Bettina Viviano ("We Will Not Be Silenced") 8/5/13

Walter Burien ( 8/6/13

Dr. Judy Wood ("Where did the towers go?") 8/7/13

Angel Rissoff ( 8/12/13

Dr. Jerry Corsi ("What Went Wrong") 8/13/13

Phil Berg (" 9/2/13

Colin Flaherty ("White Girl Bleed A Lot") 9/3/13

Peter Christ ( 9/4/13

Dr. Jerry Corsi (Syria and more) 9/5/13

Dr. Larry Huntoon, MD (Obamacare) 9/9/13

Dr. Keith Smith MD (Obamacare) 9/11/13

Venus Andrecht ( 9/12/13

Dr. Marilyn Singleton, MD, JD (Obamacare) 9/17/13

Dr. Dan Roodt (South Africa ANC) 9/18/13

Mary Ann Winkowski (Ghostbuster) 9/19/13

If you're looking for the scheduled replays for Fridays or the weekends, they are here:

Dr. Jane Orient (AAPS) & Dr. Demento
(Sunday 9/22 replay)

Barbara Lewis (recording artist)
& Jack Armstrong (radio pesonality)
(Friday 9/27 replay)

Madeleine Cosman (emerging diseases - 2005)
(Sunday 9/29 replay)

Felix Cavaliere (of the Young Rascals)
& Ron Diamond (radio personality)
(Friday 10/4 replay)

Alan Watt (conspiracies) &
Catherine Austin Fitts
(Sunday 10/6 replay)

Other replays from October 2013:

Al Cuppett (conspiracies)
(Monday 10/7)

Jesse Ventura (like you've never heard him before)
(Tuesday 10/8 replay)

Gary Matsumoto (Vaccine A)
(Wednesday 10/9 replay)

Bernie Goldberg (veteran journalist)
(Thursay 10/10 replay)

Jerry Blavat (radio personality)
(Friday 10/11 replay)

Clay Cole (television personality)
(Sunday 1/12 replay)

Sandy Gonzalez (House of Death)
(Thursday 10/24 replay)

Art  Laboe (radio personality)
(Friday 10/25 replay)

Kenny Vance (recording artist)
(Sunday 10/27 replay)

Charlie Murdock (radio personality
(Sunday 11/10 replay)

Sam Assini - Men's rights
followed by Keri's explanation
of the mortgage meltdown
(Monday 11/11 replay)

Glenn Sacks (
(Tuesday 11/12 replay)

Andrew Johnson (what happened on 911)
(Wednesday 12/13)

Dr. Judy Wood ("Where did the towers go?")
(Thursday 12/14)

John Hook (Beach Music Historian & personality)
(Friday 12/15)