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If you've subscribed to podcasts, blogs or any other rss feeds, you know what to do. 

I've removed the iTunes link for now.  We're going to move the podcasts, and I don't want them to fix the broken link they've got until we do.  You can use the URL below.  If you're using a desktop or laptop, do not click on it. Copy and Paste in whatever feed reader you want to use.   However, if you are using an iOS device (iPhone, iPad) or maybe an Android, clicking on it should open a pane that offers you a way to subscribe: 


At the end of each live broadcast, in addition to replaying the show on the stream, I'll upload it as a podcast.  You'll receive it wherever you've subscribed, and you can listen whenever you want.  It's convenient!

If you've never done this before, here's the deal: a podcast is an audio file delivered to whatever device you want to use to hear it.  You've got to use a podcatching program to get it there, which may or may not be built into whatever you're using to hear the show.  If it is, just copy this URL:  http://rollyestream.net/feed and paste it into the podcast subscription window.   Need specific examples?

If you're using iTunes, just click on the iTunes link above and follow the instructions.  That's it.   (NOT UNTIL THE LINK IS BACK.)

Prefer Real Audio?  Or QuickTime Player?   Forget it. Both are great players to hear the show streaming live or replayed, but neither has podcatching capabilities. 

Podcatching is not just for audio players.  You can also use various other programs to download the files.  Being a Mac user, I use Mac Mail, which turns out to be a really convenient podcatcher.   All I had to do to set it up was to go to "File" on the menu bar, and select "Add RSS Feeds".  When the window popped up, I chose "Specify the URL for a feed" and I pasted http://rollyestream.net/feed there.  (Oh, it says RSS because a podcast, like a blog or anything else downloaded directly to you, is a Really Simple Syndication [rss] file.  Nevermind what that means. All you need to know is it's really simple to use.) 

There are a number of programs devoted only to grabbing rss feeds.  You can download them for free, if you don't like, or can't find, what you already have onboard.  

But you're a windows user?  My advice, proudly knowing little to nothing about the Windows OS, is to download iTunes for Windows and use it.  Beyond that, I'll leave experimenting to you.  If you've got tips to pass along for other hapless Windows users, let me know and I'll include them. 

If you can't see this page because you are blind or visually impaired, click here.
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